Burning Horse Festival

The Montana Flat is proud to bring the festy scene to Southland with Burning Horse. A few things you’d expect from a music and arts festival, and a few things you would not. Prepare to escape, relax, explore and party with old mates and new.

8th to 10th, February 2019

With sound systems from On Point Productions, and an array of musicians and DJ’s (local and international), you’ll have here a fine opportunity to dance your tits off, lose your inhibitions and ‘go with the flow’. You’ll wanna freshen up those dance moves to best experience this ‘one of a kind’ main stage. There’ll be a diverse range of music – summer tunes, hip hop, folk, acoustic, house, funk, dnb and more!

Food is awesome, and making conscious decisions with your food is important. We hope to provide some first class kai options with our naturally grown lamb, beef and pork, as well as organic veges and greens prepared by a bunch of kitchen wizards. As much as is possible our menus will be designed ‘farm to plate’.

And greets! The Burning Horse community is an ‘open’ one so leave your egos behind. Come get involved, loosen up, yarn with some strangers, talk with some artists. Tweets? As you please, or leave your phone at home and be a human for a weekend. In any case, the most important thing is to come prepared for an epic weekend – chilled or as wild as you like it!

‘Don’t fuck up the feng shui’ – Kid Cudi. Not our motto though! A good festival is all about the setting. We’re gonna be putting a big focus on preparation, once again to help provide a scene to match the atmosphere. What a crew of us can achieve with a few afternoons on the chainsaw can’t compare though to the power of the crowd. Bring your bean bags, couches, neon lights, whatever it is you think will deck out your campsite or make for a sweet posy by the river.

So, we’re sacrificing logic for the sake of rhyme here. What we mean to say is, there’ll be a bunch of activities all weekend. Want to play disc golf, kubb, flip cup, pong, hacki, spikeball? You’re coming to the right place! Wanna join a giant float party on the Mataura river? Pack something floaty! Wanna start an impromptu game of touch rugby? Bring your cleats!!

Are you not entertained!? Prepare to be amazed! Live art and performances from southern artists featuring a range of feats – natural and technological. Got mad skills? If you want to get involved please feel welcome to bring along the tools of your trade and dish out some inspiration! Also freely contact us here or at zebulonlafe@gmail.com